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The EyeEye Bursary

The Bursary

About The Partners

Philip and Marc the Patrons of the bursary are vastly experienced, contemporary, artistic and commercial photographers, having practiced over 50 years combined, they want to ensure projects continue to happen.

Restoring Negatives

The EyeEye Bursary

The EyeEye Photography Bursary scheme offers bursaries to photographers at any stage in their career. The Bursary is funded from sales of EyeEye prints, with 5% of each sale going to the Bursary fund.

The EyeEye bursary award can be used to facilitate photographers work, equipment and production costs.

The purpose of the bursary scheme is to make it possible for Photographers to immerse themselves fully in their work by undertaking and completing projects that may not be possible due to a lack of funds or commercial viability.

The EyeEye bursary scheme sets out to be patrons of new artistic and imaginative photographic work.

Eligibility is based primarily on financial need,

Awarded photographers may be given the opportunity to display and resell their work on

Application Deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year.
The first EyeEye Bursary awards will be made in March 2022

Applications for the Eye Eye bursary should fill in the form below and include a summary of your project.

If you have not received a response within 4 weeks of your application then your application has not been successful.

Submit Interest of Application

Please submit your interest in applying for the EyeEye Bursary below and we will follow up with the formal application. 

About EyeEye

The images on have been collected through years of discoveries and purchases around the world. Our main focus is the scene or subject of each photograph. In some cases, the name of the photographer is known. Others are completely anonymous. Some were taken by professional photographers, while others were snapped by enthusiastic amateurs.

In the old days, photography was an exclusive art form, reserved for the chosen few. It’s plain to see that the subjects of the first photographs were families wearing their Sunday best. As such, they have a direct link to today’s selfie culture, in which identity and self-presentation are crucial. Later, images of everyday life and non-posing portraits come in.

More about EyeEye here.

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